You’re a Christian! Now What?? Part Uno


Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to a God path that will be a long journey. Yeah, I know… not for the faint of heart. Why do I say that? Well let me tell you about my first steps in becoming a “Baby Christian” in this first post. Then in part dos some of what to expect. Or if you haven’t yet become a Christian and just looking and seeking out information, welcome 🙂

This is my story and from my perspective as I saw things… so here it goes.

God was seeking me out (in a good way I assure you). I grew up in a Catholic family (extended family still are). My immediate family broke away from the fold so I wasn’t by myself which helped but I still would have gone my own way to follow God.

Being a Latina, you’re suppose to stay a life-long Catholic. Well I craved more than what I got from my Catholic upbringing… K-3 in a Catholic school then freshman/sophomore years in a Catholic college. So I did try to stay in but it wasn’t enough for me. There was always something missing and that something “missing” was a relationship with God through His son Jesus. A whole new concept to me!

I was taught about rituals, saints to pray to for petition to God but nothing about actually going to God directly and reading the bible to know His word.

Because I didn’t know about having a relationship with God I decided to explore different religions before (and then after) college. One of them had to have the answer, right!? The “before” were my teenage years when I was rebellious and decided I no longer wanted to go to church every Sunday. I would only go for Christmas and Easter. I was a Chreaster! I found out I wasn’t the only one out there who did that and there was a word for them! I had no idea back then. Moving along…

One problem I had (and still have) was hypocrisy in churches. It bothered me, so I wanted to find a religion/church/people where you were accepted and wanted as part of a bigger family. Something had to be out there! So I first looked into Buddhism but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I then started looking into New Age/Wicca. Well that held way more fascination to me. It’s a very seductive religion for girls especially looking for control over their situations. I got into it but luckily not too deeply in. I bought books in white magic, some historical background and how to do spells (which I thought were like prayers, well it’s not. It’s opening yourself up to unholy forces if you deeply immerse yourself).

But like I mentioned before, God was really seeking me out. I never stopped believing in Him but I did let Him take a backseat while I did what I wanted. Sad but true. I thought “Well I’m not out partying, drinking, doing drugs or having sex with any guy, I’m doing good! I’m a good girl so I have nothing to worry about!”. Self-justification is a total lie you tell yourself.

What I wanted in my future was to leave San Diego and eventually travel. So I got serious about going to college and looking into the New Age stuff didn’t interest me as much as college stuff took over. I then started to look into being a Catholic again. God gave me what I wanted and needed at that time. I got into a college in Los Angeles. Looking back now, He totally had a purpose for putting me in a Catholic college (that I did apply for of my own free will). It wasn’t what I expected though. I thought I would find people seeking something greater than themselves too but I found people who weren’t interested in deeper meanings just the typical college experience. I was disillusioned with college, religion, people and leaving home that I decided to go home. I was so separated from God. I continued to take classes locally but I was done with religion. I no longer went to church. I was becoming bitter and angry at my situation.

It’s like filling a hole that can’t be filled because only God can fill it.

So fast forward to 2011, I’d slowly started doing Easter/Christmas services again just because it was so ingrained in me that I felt guilty not going to at least those. This was my first step on becoming a Christian and having a relationship with God. And it all started at Pizza Hut!

I had heard of The Rock Church before but it never registered that I needed to go there. Well if God puts it on you to do something, He will keep telling you! That Easter (it was just my Mom and myself) so we decided to get a pizza and to do church later. I wasn’t in the best mood but a girl at Pizza Hut was. She told me about The Rock Church and how they have their sermons online. I was intrigued. If I could see a sermon online and avoid a crowd, I’m in! Plus there was something about that girl’s presence that I wanted to have. I haven’t seen her again since that day but she helped me become a Christian (and my Mom too!) just by sharing her faith without being pushy. I do wonder what happened to her but I’m forever grateful to that girl! Thanks wherever you are!

That was four years ago this Easter!

God has really been doing great things in life…

You can say God lead me to Pizza Hut to hear that girl to change the direction of my life.

You just have to listen 🙂

Stay tune for part dos to know what happened after I watched the online sermon and what you might experience as a new Christian!